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Multinet – Privacy Statement

Multinet Systems Ltd.  is an Irish telecommunications company which specialises in the distribution of telecommunications products and related services in Ireland. The range includes computer telephony equipment, cellular routers and Internet of Things (IoT) systems.


Data Protection Contact in Multinet:

John Cowley 01-6854840


ICT Systems and Security

Multinet implements policies and processes together with staff training in respect of the handling of personal data and we carry out regular audits to ensure we remain compliant with our obligations to protect and secure personal data.

Multinet uses physical, electronic and administrative safeguards to protect personal data and information from loss, misuse and unauthorised access, disclosure, alteration and destruction.


Privacy Policy – GDPR

The European Union General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) became effective in May 2018.

We respect the importance of obtaining your consent and being open with you in how we use and protect your data. We will also facilitate the need to access, modify or delete your data when asked.

Multinet is fully committed to complying with all aspects of the new GDPR regulation and to respect and protect the rights of our customers, their staff and all data subject’s in respect of their personal data.

An individual’s personal data may be held on computers or in conventional paper files. Multinet considers the lawful and correct treatment of personal information as very important to successful operations and for maintaining confidence between ourselves and those with whom we engage. We therefore make every effort that personal information is treated lawfully and correctly. Multinet is committed to following best practice in all aspects of Data Protection in line with the guidelines issued by the Data Protection Commissioners office. These guidelines ensure that Multinet’s employees, supporters, and other individuals are protected, and to protect the organisation from the consequences of a breach in its responsibilities.

The policy defines the relevant terms, roles and responsibilities including compliance with the law and best practice; Respect of individuals rights; To be open and honest with the individuals whose data is held; Provide training and support for staff who handle personal data so that they may act sensitively and consistently; Notify the Data Protection Commissioner of any breach in Data Protection. Multinet recognises that its first priority under the law and GDPR is to avoid causing harm to individuals.

Multinet staff must familiarise themselves and must comply with Multinet’s Data Protection policy and all other relevant Multinet policies, procedures, regulations, and applicable legislation. All employees must show respect for and protect the privacy and confidentiality of the information they process at all times.  All employees must report noncompliance, misuse and breaches of this policy to their line managers.

If at any time you require further information or clarification, please contact us at


Information Multinet Collects

Multinet collects, processes and uses information, including personal data, in order to engage with our customers and to provide the goods and services for which we are contracted.

Multinet acknowledges and accepts an individual is entitled to access and correct data held about them and will provide the means to do so.

Multinet complies with the following Data Protection principles:

- Obtain and process information fairly

- Keep it only for one or more specified, explicit and lawful purposes

- Use and disclose it only in ways compatible with these purposes

- Keep it safe and secure

- Keep it accurate, complete and up to date

- Ensure that it is adequate, relevant and not excessive

- Retain it for no longer than is necessary for the specified purpose or purposes

- Give a copy of his/her personal data to that individual on request


This information may include an individual’s name and contact details and other personal information that the individual has provided to allow us to contact them. It may also include electronic and/or paper correspondence with the individual regarding any business interactions. It may also include financial details and other payment information for our existing customers solely which is required to fulfil our contractual obligations. In addition, Multinet may also, with our customer’s consent, collect and store personal information from their business environment such as computer device and network information shared during the customer support process.


How Multinet Uses the Information Collected

Multinet collects information from individuals so we can manage our relationship with them. Multinet uses this information to keep in contact with individuals but also to ensure we can continue to provide our customers with the best support and services. Personal information and contact details may be used by us to communicate with individuals regarding important product information and security updates, company announcements, product offers and technology news. Multinet may also need to access an individual’s your data to provide the services, to address and correct technical or service problems or to assist an individual in response to contractual requirements.

This information is necessary in order for Multinet to provide products, services and support for which we are obligated / contracted.


Transparency and Consent

Multinet respects the rights of an individual in respect of their personal data and we will use the information subject to the individual’s consent to do so and only for the stated purpose for which consent was provided.  If at any time an individual wishes to withdraw their consent, then they must submit a request to

All individuals are entitled to access what information Multinet holds on them and why.  Individuals are also entitled to request this information to be modified or deleted. These requests may also be submitted to


Personal Information Retention

Multinet will retain an individual’s information only for as long as it is required to fulfil the purpose for which consent was provided. An individual can, of course, withdraw their consent at any time or have their information modified or deleted by submitting a request to



Multinet use cookies to provide the services and features offered on our website,, and to improve the user experience.  By clicking “I Accept” on our website an individual agrees to such use of cookies, unless the individual later decides to disable them.

Cookies are usually text files containing small pieces of information which are given ID tags that are stored on an individual’s computer browser directory. Cookies are created when the individual uses their browser to visit a website that uses cookies to keep track of your movements within the site, help you resume where you left off, remember your registered login, theme selection, preferences, and other customization functions. The information stored in a cookie may relate to an individual’s browsing habits on the webpage, or a unique identification number so that the website can “remember” the individual on their return visit.

The website stores a corresponding file (with same ID tag) to the one set in the browser and in this file they can track and keep information on your movements within the site and any information you may have voluntarily given while visiting the website, such as email address.   Generally speaking, cookies do not contain personal information from which you can be identified, unless you have furnished such information to the website.

There are two types of cookies: session cookies and persistent cookies. Session cookies are created temporarily in the browser’s subfolder while visiting a website. The session cookie is deleted when the web site is left.  On the other hand, persistent cookie files remain in the browser’s subfolder and are activated again once the website that created that particular cookie is revisited. A persistent cookie remains in the browser’s subfolder for the duration period set within the cookie’s file.


Marketing Information

Periodically Multinet may send an individual marketing material that is relevant to the goods and services which we provide.  This material may also include material from our partners which we think would be of interest.

We may send or contact an individual in this regard by post, email, phone, text or other methods of electronic communication. At any time an individual can of course easily stop us from from sending this material by submitting a request to


Providing your personal data to others

We manage email marketing campaigns using Mailchimp. As such, we share your personal data (just your first name, last name, company name and email address) with Mailchimp for the purpose of communicating with you by email. We ensure that your consent is given and allow you to unsubscribe to have your data removed.  See also Mailchimp's Privacy Policy .

We use external courier companies to deliver our products to you. We only share limited personal data provided by you that is necessary for them to complete the delivery. This data would be the address, site contact and site contact telephone number. Furthermore, we only choose delivery companies that show commitment to GDPR compliance and we are satisfied that is the case with our current courier partners.


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